care instructions

We recommend hand washing all of our designs cold and air drying them.

Most of our designs are made from end-of-line raw denim that would otherwise go to landfill. Raw denim is denim in its purest form, it hasn’t gone through any pre-washing or shrinking processes (making it even better for the environment). Raw denim can feel stiff at first but loosens up as it is broken in. So if your new purchase feels a bit rigid on the first wear don't worry!

Raw dyed denim, particularly dark wash denim, can bleed dye with its first wash or contact with moisture. To avoid dye transfer or running we recommend washing on it's own, before it's first wear. Always hand wash cold and air dry.

If you are concerned about dye transfer or want to prevent the colour from fading, you can set the dye in raw denim by soaking in a mixture of cold water, salt and vinegar. After soaking for about an hour, rinse with cold water (until the vinegar smell is gone) and hang dry.

After the first wash we recommend washing as little as possible, denim does not need to be washed very often at all!

Please check the specific care instructions for each product.