We know more than anyone how difficult it is to find your perfect fit in a pair of jeans. The first step is making sure you know your actual measurements. If you are unsure then use our guide below. If you still have questions about sizing then don't hesitate to email us @ enquiries@kathandrosa.com .. we are very happy to help!

Option 1) Measure an existing pair of jeans

Choose a pair of jeans that fit you well and sit at a similar position on the waist to the jeans you are buying.

1a. Measure the waist - lay the jeans on a flat surface and make sure they are buttoned up. Use a tape measure to measure across the back waistband from one side to the other. Don't pull the front of the jeans up to the back, allow them to sit naturally as seen here. Measure in inches and then double this to get your waist measurement. 

1b. To measure the inside leg - lay the jeans flat with the leg pulled straight. Use a tape measure to measure from crotch seam to ankle hem. Measure in inches. This is your inside leg length.

Option 2) Measure yourself

2a. To measure your waist - use a tape measure to measure around your waist in inches. Pull the tape measure tight but make sure that it is not digging into your skin. You want it to feel as comfortable as you would want the waistband of your jeans to feel.

Take this measurement where you would want the jeans to sit on your waist.

2b. To measure your inside leg - use a tape measure to measure from your crotch to your ankle (or where you would want the end of your jeans to sit). You may need someone to help you do this.

P.S. We include measurements for all our items, including second hand. Always refer to these before buying. In some cases, our measurements may differ to those given on the original size label of second hand items. Clothing, in particular jeans, naturally change shape over time, especially with washing. The measurements we give represent the true size of the item. 

All items are modelled by us. We occasionally have to adjust the waist of items that are too big in order for them to fit in pictures. If an item has been adjusted then we will clearly state this in the listing